Hymns For The Emerging Church

As a number of us in our community are writing hymns both stylistically past and present, this excellent article from friend Stuart Townend (How Deep The Father’s Love) gives solid insight into the craft.

While we are slow to post our growing body of work at the Institute, here’s where they will live:

Hymns For The Emerging Church

For now, only 2 songs are up, in very rough, scratch form, but more are on the way. Here are the lyrics to one of them, an Advent hymn.

Themes: incarnation, atonement, advent, narrative, eschaton

From the dust of time eternal
From the breath of heav’ns Adored;
Rose the man amid creation,
Rose the woman by His side

Singing “Praise, praise to the Father,
And the covenant He brings,”
Then the falling, then the groaning
For the Love of God revealed

For the Love of God revealed
From the lips of prophet sages,
In the streets of chosen land;
Came the words of sweet redemption,
To the woman and the man

Singing “Life, life is the ransom,
And the only healing stream,”
Then the beating, then the scorning
Of the Love of God revealed

Now the earth has seen its folly
Fallen back upon its head;
And the heav’ns haved reeled with glory,
As her patriots are prepared

Singing “Hope, hope is the anthem
And the anchor for the soul,”
Through the triumphs, through the sorrows
With the Love of God revealed

Soon the eyes of all the ages,
Will behold the risen Son;
As the King of vast creation,
Calls His faithful to His side

Singing “Praise, praise to the Father,
And the covenant He sealed;”
Come you sons and come you daughters
To the Love of God revealed

© 2008 Dan Wilt/The Institute Of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies

SongStory: This is a modern hymn (with colonial American leanings) seeking to retell the Story of God through the metaphor of Love revealing Himself. God has indeed revealed Himself as Love, the Love to Whom every human being is wired to respond, throughout the history of civilization. In a simple way, the song attempts a brief reminder that, throughout all time, God has revealed His love to us in the person of Jesus.

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