Emerging Worship Songs: Love Of God Revealed

We’ve just begun a new section of our Institute website that features Emerging Worship Songs.

Today, we’ve posted a hymn I’ve written, entitled Love Of God Revealed. I began writing this piece some years ago, but have now finished.

The demos are simple and very rough, but enough to give a good feel for the song. Feel free to use it in your context if it feels like a fit and will serve the worship life of your community.

Here’s our blurb from the site on what we’re doing:

Beginning, October 1, 2008, here you will begin to find emerging worship songs, born out of the Institute’s vision to embed rich theology in the context of contemporary worship music. Newly written hymns, and fresh renderings of ancient prayers and perspectives will meet with the energies of the modern worship expression in simple, acoustic demos.

Songs for Church Seasons and Events, such as:
Lent And The Passion
Easter (6 weeks)
Ordinary Time (Gospels and wider biblical stories and themes)

Songs On Emerging Church Themes, such as:
Creational Theology
Ancient Wisdom
Missional Church
Cosmic Redemption
Personal And Corporate Salvation

Check in October 1 for fresh creations-with-a-mission flowing from our community.

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