Feeling Bookish

I’m having trouble posting a PodCast, so it may be a few weeks before we can go live.

For now I’m in the middle of writing for Broadman Holman Publishers on the topic of contemporary worship for a book entitled Perspectives On Worship: Five Views. We each write a rather lengthy chapter, one author covering a liturgical view of worship, another a traditional hymn-based view, a blended view, a contemporary view and an emerging view. We then respond to each other’s offering at the end of each individual chapter.

I like the dialogical approach to writing – it implies community on some level. I probably would have liked to have written the emerging chapter, but Dan Kimball of the Emergent writing community will be infinitely more capable (and experienced) than I will be in scribing it.

Oh, and I have to put in a hardwood floor this weekend. I hope I keep all my digits.

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