Free Webinar: From Team To Tribe (For Worship Teams and Communities)

wilt-tribe-webinar-poster-smThis Wednesday, we’re hosting a Team To Tribe: The Heart Values Of A Worship Community Webinar for all worship teams, communities and artist collectives. Hope you and your creative peers can join us.

The Webinar will involve polls, interactive Q&A, some teaching from yours truly, and a great time with folks from all over the world.

Feel free to involve as many as you like from your worship team, community or other creative group. We’ll be exploring the transition teams must make from being functionally task-driven to being relationally mission-driven.

This Wednesday, 2:00 pm EST, and its pure and undilutedly FREE.

If you can’t make the time, and you still register now, we’ll send you an email link to the recording so you can listen in later.

Just doing these to serve the wider calling of the Institute. Hope it helps.

Register Here.

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