From Laodicea: What Difference Will I Make?

It is midnight, here in Turkey just outside of Laodicea.

I am full of thanks. As I walked on the unexcavated mound that is Collossae, I thought of the thousands of years of history beneath my feet.

Once again, I feel connected, deep in my bones. It all makes some sense to me – this living, this dying, this worship, this faith, this pursuit of the invisible – and the Invisible’s pursuit of us.

On old ground we’ve always walked, generations behind us, generations before. The key question to ask is, “What difference will I make while I am here; what gift will I bring?”

On the ground under your feet, look to the heavens, and take your place.

Peace from Laodicea, friends. May the waters of your heart be cold and refreshing, or hot and renewing. May the lukewarm life be far, far from you.

You only have one life to live.

Go with God,


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