From Minds To Matters

Last night, I sat with my wife and two friends praying for, and ministering to, a wonderful young person. God met us in a beautiful and tangible way in that time.

For all our discussion about the emerging Church, it can seem to be a primarily cerebral exercise, engaging the disciplines of history, theology, philosophy and metaphysics.

Yet people will always be people, no matter their cultural milieu or -ism, and community will make us tick.

Furthermore, there will always be the need for the “tools in the tool belt” that Jesus gave to the Church — the tools of healing, deliverance, redemption and care that infuse the Kingdom into lives by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Our capacity to be strong disciples is not only based on the form of worship we choose today, or eventually choose, but rather on the content of the Kingdom being lived out in our lives. Some choices will strengthen that content within us, others will degrade it.

Let’s major on the majors as the conversation continues. Let’s read and live out the gospels — as often as we read the blogs and books.

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