FutureDay: ChristFaith Cathedral

“As the ArchBishop comes forward, we will sing together a song from the 21st century, entitled Come, Now Is The Time To Worship, which will be followed by the Eucharist.

We will celebrate this in the ancient Orthodox tradition, led by Mrs. Simungu Simposi, the residing Patriarch of the African League.

Her Holiness and the other EcclesiaLeague Patriarchs will then facilitate a time of prayer for those in North America suffering under the pain of the mass starvations in that land, after which we will collect the gift brought from each EcclesiaLeague member as our physical act of living prayer toward our human family on that continent.

Following this, refreshments will be served in the ChristFaith Cathedral sanctuary. Michelangelo’s La Pieta, from St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, will then pass to the next EcclesiaLeague member, the Asian League, for the customary 3 years at a ceremony following.

The Patriarch Of The EuroIrish League, along with the ArchBishop Of Rome will preside.”

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