FY 100: FreeFall Evaluation

Our class attended a night of worship, 3 hours of ancient/present worship laced with ancient prayers, communion and a Stomp percussion fest to end the night.

Here are your InResponse questions. A few paragraph thoughts on each, reflective and analytic, would be best.

What did you love about the event? What elements rose to the top for you as living worship experiences? Think of words from our studies such as accessibility, intimacy and integrity.

What did you not like about the event? What kinds of elements distracted you, or frustrated you?

Speak about those who led in generic terms, such as “the drummer,” the “background vocalist,” the “worship leader,” the “communion leader,” etc. Was there anything any of those participating did to especially enhance your time, or to detract from it? Be honest, and be specific. This is a case study.

Target areas you loved in the way they did what they did, and things you noticed that distracted you.

Note elements of musicianship and planning and how they affected you — arrangements of songs, physical postures of team members, etc.

Note any overall, or final impressions. You will be drawing on these insights when you lead worship, in teams of 3, at an upcoming SSU chapel in a few weeks.

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