Giving + Receiving

I’m getting used to people helping me because they want to.

I think I learned, growing up, to always repay what someone does for you with another act equally as meaningful. It’s possible that there is no other act equally as meaningful. It’s possible that the “tit for tat” world is but a corruption of the purer world, the world of “give and receive.”

When we give, we’re enlarged.

When we receive, we’re enlarged.

When we take, we shrink.

When we refuse, we shrink.

Of course, all that has a context, but a giving and receiving world seems to me to be the quest – the Eden we seek.

I know lots of people who count their pennies and nickels to make sure they are both paid and paid up. It seems a darker life to me, to live in such a way. If I posture myself to give today, I expect that God will take quite good care of my family and I.


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