God Is Greater

After a night of listening prayer among a circle of friends for a family in our community, I’m deciding something in the midst of the emerging Church and worship process that I think will engage me for a longer haul than some of my present patterns of thinking.

God is greater than the challenges that face the Church, and there is no distance between He and the future that lay ahead. Therefore, with confidence we engage and discuss, decide and defer, toward growth.

We honor the past, engage the present, and listen for the future. We tend to one another in the process, but we all are not called to hold back and wait for agreement. Pioneers, pioneer. Settlers, settle. Enlighteners, enlighten. Pastors, pastor. Bustlers, bustle.

I look forward to the silencing of battle and winning of the day; a Day that God Himself holds both forcefully and tenderly until the waking of timeless dawn.

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