God Sees You (Video)

“God has no interest in you being someone you’re not.”

In March 2018 I had the privilege of sharing with Vineyard Worship leaders in the UK and Northern Ireland at our annual retreat.

We were gathered at the Hayes Conference Center in Derbyshire, a beautiful gathering location with spaces perfectly designed for reflection, feasting, and laughter – the kind of laughter that fills your belly and makes you hurt-but-its-worth-it.

I was well-prepared for my sessions, having planned for months what I would share with this group of friends and personal heroes.

But the night before I was to speak, I felt that familiar, inner nudge from the Holy Spirit.

“Dan, we’re changing your message.”

The following was the result. It’s largely spontaneous and from the heart – a mix of biography, teaching, and prophetic intuition. I cover a lot of ground.

But in my mind, it’s one of the most important messages to worship and creative leaders I’ve ever shared.

God Sees You (Video, Dan Wilt) – Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland Worship Retreat

Grace and Peace,

Dan +

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