Great Worship Leaders: Equippers

Part 2 in our Series:

Dan Wilt, M.Min.

Learning Community Director

The most appreciated worship leaders have a streak of a trainer and mentor running through them. They are not content to have the platform all to themselves over a few years. They are always looking for those they can train, mentor and release, either inside or outside of that local congregation. They are secure in the gift they offer, and in the face of the gifts that others offer.

Great worship leaders know how to enjoy the process of building lifelong friendships with developing worship leaders – particularly those who value their input and share like-mindedness on key levels.

Great worship leaders know how to co-lead with someone, and how to pre-brief and de-brief while all the while sustaining a confident atmosphere for the developing worship leader.

Great worship leaders know how to mentor over time, without feeling any pressure to release people to lead worship before they are developed musically, emotionally or skillfully.

Great worship leaders are not afraid to address the pride that comes with both youth, and musical platform.

Great worship leaders are capable of listening to, and learning from, a younger leader.

Great worship leaders know how to invite a young worship leader to fall in love with the community which they lead, and to call them to either love the Bride they lead – or to step away from the microphone.

Great worship leaders know how to vulnerably share their story as a worship leader, and how to encourage younger leaders to learn from their mistakes.

Great worship leaders know how to become older brothers and sisters in worship leading, and not to simply protect themselves in the “always-leading” worship leadership role.

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