Healing Communities

Healing Communities

Healing communities are messy in a good way. There is a quality of disorder, as people aren’t putting up too many false appearances or pretensions.

All that’s great and good, such as healing, can turn into an idol. Even we who typically have some degree of mental illness can do great good.

If God heals you, you must turn toward making justice and peace in the world; more wholistic and less individualistic. Kingdom ethics mixed with Kingdom healing.

If it’s all about taking away your sadness or mine, it’s another cover for self-absorbed faith and western individualism. In a healthy healing community, people are turned outward when they are healed and look to expand the healing.

The Church has always been good at giving stuff to the poor. The next level, we teach the poor to fish (development). The justice level is our issue – making sure that people are allowed to fish.

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