Healing Space

The marching band of Virgina Tech played outside of the hospital for the wounded. The musicians in every community are called to serve their community with the healing power of music.

Virginia Tech Band and healing.

We’re releasing some pieces from what we call our Healing Space music soon, where two of our most able musicians in our community, Jonathan Baker and Matt Frise, play for 1.5 hours, healing instrumental music in a beautiful, ambient atmosphere for those in need of any kind of healing.

For both of these musicians, their music has been a gift to many in times of sickness and mourning, giving lift and rise to the hearts of the hurting. They continually minister to us all as they offer their gifts among us.

It’s been wonderful, and hearts, minds and bodies have been touched.

We’ll release some simple, live recordings soon for use in homes, with individuals, in hospitals, for difficult times, for hopeful times, and other places. We’ll keep you posted.

Musicians are called to serve in this way, whether it be in New Orleans, Blacksburg or St. Stephen. We step into a fullness of vocation in those moments.

I write this prose thought, after a mourning of listening to our healing space music:

“Let music breathe in me, when I cannot the stiff air drink; let music move in me, when all my blood is stilled and stolen. Music be my breath, music be my pulse, music take my hand and raise me with your voice.”

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