How To Make A Sweet Online Theology Course For Worship Leaders

Our Essentials Blue: Studies In Worship Theology and Biblical Worldview Online course is coming up, and here is little informative, fun clip on the sweet dealybob.

An international class is forming; worship leaders and others from AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, HOLLAND and the USA are all joining in.

If you’re a worship leader or artist, we truly hope you can participate with us – it’s going to be a great online learning community journey – and so vital for every worship leader and artist (though others would love it, too).

July 15 is the early registration deadline, and it goes through the month of July for just a few hours of work a week. Mainly media, with online chat and a creative project at the end.

So get your worship band, or artist band, to do it together and get one of you free. ‘Nuf said. June 15th! Apply here!

Oh, and if I ever hear any of you leading worship in a way that sounds similar to this soundtrack, you’ll be banished to Narwhalia.

Here’s the audio version, complete with Quirky Brit narration:

How To Make A Sweet Online Theology Course For Worship Leaders

Here’s the video version:

Here is the FACEBOOK site!

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