IdeaMill: The Circa Table

I had a dream a few years ago now, and woke to scribble down the idea.

Essentially, The Circa Table is the first of a line of outdoor, picnic/backyard furniture. All the furniture is based on a circle concept.

The Circa Table is a picnic table that is attached together as one piece, seats, table and lazy susan. Picture 4 circular wood slabs (made of 2x4s or 1x4s edge to edge, like a common picnic table), each the size of a one-person table setting.

Take these 4 circles, and put them together into one tabletop, like a clover. All of the smaller circles will need to be cut to accomodate their meeting tightly in the middle.

At the center of the table, a circular lazy susan is attached, that is large enough to pass food around to all members at the table.

The seats are 4 circles as well (this could all be done based on 6 circles for larger tables), and are fully attached to the base of the table, which is attached to the tabletop. I.e. One piece.

Accompaning lawn furniture is based on circles as well, bottom and backrest (somewhat along the tilted feel of a Muskoka chair), and outdoor chairs for children come in Ikea blue, yellow and red (though red absorbs summer sun-heat).

The Circa Table could come pre-built and be available at home stores, or for assembly. Lighter materials could be used in some cases, and an umbrella could be either substituted for the lazy susan, or attached too it in some manner.


Go ahead and use this idea, as I probably will never get the time to implement it. I’d rather you were helped by it as an entrepreneur, rather than me take it to my grave.

If you do use the idea, and do well with it, just “remember my family and I” in any way you deem appropriate — that’s all I ask. These ideas will not be copyrighted by me, and its your job to see if someone has invented this already as you develop a prototype.


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