IdeaMill: The DrillDust Catcher

The DrillDust Catcher is made for catching the drywall dust that spills out of a hole being drilled inside a finished home.

For example, my loving wife requests: “Honey, would you please hang the shelf in your daughter’s room?”

I grabs the drill, and promptly begins to align and drill the holes in the wall. Dust is falling all over the dresser and/or carpet below. I was too lazy to move the furniture, and I’d prefer not to have to vacuum in the end of such a small job.

The DrillDust Catcher is the fix for these domestic repair messages. Attached to the middle finger of the hand holding the drill (or to the hand not holding the drill), this plastic extension has a wide area that fans out below where the hole is being drilled, and butts up against the wall. On the plastic “tray” at the end, only about 4 in. wide, is a thin sponge. The sponge is dampened before the job, and as the drywall dust falls, it falls onto the dampened sponge.

I’ve done this with a regular sponge, held just a few inches below the hole being drilled, and it works perfectly.