IdeaMill: The Imagination Workshop

My son asked me this morning if he could play on the computer. We have a policy in our home that before school, the computer can only be used for schoolwork. I said, “Sorry little buddy, you know the deal.” He walked away, quite disappointed.

Within minutes I head what sounded like exhuberant wailing in the kitchen. I walked in to find my little guy squealing with delight with a tin foil puck he had made, re-enacting various NHL hockey plays he has come to love.


An Imagination Workshop. For kids and teens.

The term has been used all over the Internet. Just run a search on it. It would need to be renamed, but that’s no big deal.

I see some other name, and a workshop over a weekend that teaches this generation to use their imaginations, inspired by live instructors, the “making of” portions of film DVDs (Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, etc.), writers/story shapers, artists, etc.

Kids and teens get a “splash” of art forms, buzzing the tower of their own imagination and awakening it to fresh perspectives on life, tastes of beauty, and even avocational and vocational possibilities.

The Goals: Inspiration, Formation, Teen Artistic Collectives/Communities, Mentoring Relationships, Sheer Joy

I’m sure someone is doing this, and we’ll be doing some version of it here in our town.


Go ahead and use this idea, as I probably will never get the time to implement it. I’d rather you were helped by it as an entrepreneur, rather than me take it to my grave.

If you do use an idea from the IdeaMill, and do quite well with it, just “remember my family and I” in any way you deem appropriate! Or not. These ideas will not be copyrighted by me, and its your job to see if someone has invented this already as you develop a prototype.

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