IdeaMill: The No-Tippy Cup


Many cups made for children have a small base, and spill easily.

When the classic sippy cup is no longer needed by a growing child, they still are learning their macro-muscle skills, and spills are common throughout childhood.

Any parent knows that spills are incredibly frustrating mid-meal, especially when the liquid is sticky.


The No-Tippy Cup is colorful, made of durable plastic, but has a wide base that fans out at the bottom of the cup, making it harder to tip.

The No-Tippy Cup is a size grippable by little hands, but at the bottom the base is thicker, and fans out like a small plate, so it doesn’t take too much room on a small dinner table.

As the child brings the still lightweight No-Tippy Cup to their lips, there are pictures of smiley faces, cartoon characters both on the edge before their eyes, and on the bottom of the base to flash a happy face at all the fam seated around the table.

Consider designer (i.e. Mickey, Frodo, Nemo) No-Tippy Cups for kids. Heck, try one for clumsy Dad’s.

How to refine how they stack or sit in a cupboard, I’m not sure, though a unique mold design could do the trick.


Go ahead and use this idea, as I probably will never get the time to implement it. I’d rather you were helped by it as an entrepreneur, rather than me take it to my grave.

If you do use the idea, and do well with it, just “remember my family and I” in any way you deem appropriate — that’s all I ask. These ideas will not be copyrighted by me, and its your job to see if someone has invented this already as you develop a prototype.

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