I’m Beginning To Think…

I’m just beginning to think…

That much of our lives are spent reacting, or responding, in such a way to compensate for our greatest weakness.

In other words, the person who is needy for community gathers community around themselves, the person who is afraid of being misunderstood over-communicates, etc. etc.

While the idea is not rocket-science, it does make me want to be sure that my responses to people and to life decisions are not simply “equal and opposite reactions” to an area that is flawed or needy within.

Over-reaction is neither helpful to the reactionary or the reactionee – it can unduly inflate emotions or create adversarial communications. reactions should be evaluated from time to time, as they expose what is really at stake in the underworld of our hearts.

Like pain in the body, over-reactions or over-responses are intended to be a guide to us, and indicator of internal fragility, focusing us on a point in the system that needs care and attention. In a sense, corners of the heart shout in order to get some regard.

I’m just beginning to think….

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