I’m Dad Of The Day!

A radio station in our area, Solution FM, is running a dad of the day contest. My lovely wife entered me, and today, I won! Here’s the Day Of The Day page, but it will probably only have me on it for today.

What a great fam. Here’s what she wrote:


Friday, June 6

Dad of the Day: Dan Wilt

Town: St. Stephen, NB

Wife- Anita, Kids- Anna (17), Abigail (almost 15), Benjamin (almost 12)

Nominated By: Anita

Why does your dad deserve to win?
My name is Anita Wilt, and I have been married to Dan for 20 years. We have three children; I think Dan deserves to be Father of the Day because of his commitment to being the best father he can possibly be. Here is a sample of what that looks like:

I have often told my children how blessed they are to have such an amazing dad, and I am confident that they agree. Dan is, and has always been, a very present and hands on father. From the day they were born, he has been actively involved in our children’s daily lives, from baths and diaper changing as youngsters, to homework, from volunteering to do workshops at their schools, to being their biggest cheerleader at their sporting events. One of the special things he has done with each child since they were in kindergarten is take them out for regular ‘date’ times with dad. These have taken on various forms, from a picnic over their lunch hour at school, to going out for breakfast, to going to see a movie, going out for ice cream, or going to see a hockey game, or going to a concert.

There are other things that Dan has made a part of his father pilgrimage. One that stands out to me was when he recorded stories for the children on tape because he was going to be away on a trip. He would spend several hours, prior to leaving, reading books to the recorder in order to ensure the children could connect with him, especially at bedtime, in his absence. These stories on tape have become favorites of the children and are still enjoyed, even by the teenagers! Also, each time he goes on a trip, he makes every effort to bring home a special gift for each of them.

Another special thing Dan did when the children were babies was to write each one their own personal lullaby (Dan is a songwriter/musician/worship leader), which he sang to them daily. When they were toddlers, he also wrote a special blessing that he would pray over them every night at bedtime (and sometimes still does).

In addition to these practical acts as a father, Dan has always been wholly committed to teaching our children to love God and live as authentic Christians in the midst of culture and society. He has consistently modeled this life for them; they have witnessed him pray passionately, worship intimately, serve faithfully, and forgive completely. They have seen him walk out his faith in bad times and good. He has sought to instruct them in God’s Word and has encouraged each of them to pursue God personally. Although I could write more, I will sum up by saying that Dan is a true servant leader as a father and deserves to be Father of the Day.

What does your dad like to do for fun?
Dan enjoys listening to music, reading, watching movies, and fly-fishing.

Why does your family listen to Solution FM?
Because music is so much a part of our lives, our family was thrilled when Solution FM was able to reach Calais, Maine. We listen because we want good music with lyrics that encourage the listener to live rightly before God and man; we want music in our home that speaks life and truth to us on a consistent basis.

Just for being a Dad of the Day, Dan has won a large pizza from Papa John’s, a Movie Gallery card, coffee from Tim Horton’s, a $10 Play Card to the Sports Arena and a CD from Solution FM! He’s also entered to win the $1,500 Soulfest prize pack which includes:

1 Camp site at Gunstock Mountain Resort
5 Multiday passes to Soulfest
5 4-Day Meal Plans (lunch & dinner)
$200 shopping spree at Soulfest
5 mountain top lift passes
5 Revolution Alley front stage passes for Kutless on Thursday night


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