Introducing: Getting Things Done

I have decided to re-order my highly right-brained world and work according to the system purported in Getting Things Done by David Allen. I don’t know what’s come over me; probably my wife’s prayers and a gracious God.

I’ve tried everything through the years, and almost get nauseous when I think of personal ordering plans that would appeal to executives and business suits (ick… just ick). I’ve always strayed from them as soon as I start, though I’ve tried and tried, and learned how to make projects happen, and yet my memory seems to progressively weaken as I stress and create a fray at the last minute.

As for the past week, I’m accomplishing daily tasks and projects, with a renewed peace of mind and personal order, that is astounding for me. Everything, absolutely everything, is written in a system I trust, can rely on, and that propels me in next actions at every turn.

I’m just fresh into it, but I highly recommend the model – you and I might actually become more reliable. It’s available in book and CD audio – I’d do audio first, then read the book.

Getting Things Done

More insights and downloads are at:

Here’s a link to some tips and tricks tools:
David Allen Downloadable Tools

Here’s a great summary of the system by another website, in case you want to feel it out:
Getting Things Done Summary

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