In Edmonton, Alberta and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Right now I’m with great friend and host Nathan Rousu as we prepare for two days with our Vineyard creative and worship community here in Alberta, Canada and then tomorrow night we’re off to Winnipeg, Manitoba to hang with good friend Nathan Rieger and crew at the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard for the Sunday morning. Then, Sunday afternoon and evening we gather the worship community in the Manitoba region over at the Portage Vineyard.

We’re going to be doing some worship worldview work together based around the What Is Worship? concepts (imago Dei, Kingdom and culture, fully alive), with attention to the sacramental life and the incarnational tradition in the Church.

We’ll play in and out of the Church as SubCulture vs. the Church as SeedCulture, and explore the joys of repetition and monotony (not unfamiliar to weekly worship leaders) that Chesterton said make the universe a magical place – God and children love to say “Do it again! Do it again!”

With a sprinkling of practical “how to” in worship ministry, as well as some devoted time to pray for one another and get some hang time, this promises to be a rich weekend.

If you’d pray for us as you read the post, we’d be so very grateful.

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