In the Midst of the Parenting From The Inside Out Seminar

We’re in the middle of the Parenting From The Inside Out Seminar here in Prince Edward Island, and its been fantastic. Anita is really in her element doing these, and its such a privilege to team up with her and take the more background role.

Last night and this morning, she went through ideas in Parenting Philosophies, Character Development, Cultivating The Garden of your child’s heart, Obedience, Discipline and more.

Tonight I open up Identity and Destiny (who you are, and who you’re becoming), and we crack into the father end of parenting. Lots of small group and group interaction have really opened all of it up in beautiful ways.

We got a chance to run up to the North Shore of the Island (Anita calls it “my island;” i.e. her island). It is breathtakingly beautiful, even in winter, just like the Anne of Green Gables film.

Must go now to prepare for the evening.

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