Innovation As A Way Of Faith

A thought for the believing innovator.

Between the new iPhone, and the new Apple TV, the JobsClan certainly are often the first out of the gate (i.e. the first to present attractive technologies in accessible manners from behind secret doors) shaping the face of pop culture.

Fascinating. I’d love to see more believing men and women at the wheel driving well-resourced, highly innovative technological advancements, along with rehumanizing ideas, into the heart of the zeitgeist.

I don’t want to see that reality as a novelty or as just another example of a “Christian person we can point out as unique and inspiring;” but rather as an example of those who bear the thought that innovation/culturally-shaping achievement is “just the way those who follow the way of Jesus do life.”

Doing things lovingly, and well, and powerfully – could that be a resuscitating creational theology that embraces the high view of the human person God seems to hold?

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