Introducing: 18 New Blog Friends

I’d like to introduce all my blog-reading pals to the folks participating in our Essentials Blue: Online Studies In Worship Theology And Biblical Worldview introductory course.

These folks represent Holland, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Scotland, Canada and the US, and are worship leaders, artists and creative leaders of all stripes. Many of their posts will be informal reflections on some of the theological/worldview ideas they’re working through. If you would chime in and make some comments on their blogs, it would fantastic.

A few more are yet to come from the class, but this will get you started. An amazing group of folks here.

Cheers to the Conversation!

Fayoke Longe John Wiebe Chelsea Nesbitt

Eric McIntyre Amanda Briscoe Louis Vigo

Crystal Loszchuk Noel Hudson Jamie Appleton

Hilary Anne Ladd Jedi Noordegraff Greig McLean

Jamie Burnside Dan Sheed Christa Tilley

Fred Blom Jon Price Di Hocking

Again, please visit a few of these blogs and engage them in your network of relationships.

Join the movement.

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