Introducing: ION

For this post, I want to introduce you to an exciting new worship community friendship of which I am a part, and am thrilled has come into existence: ION.

Guest blogger and ION founder Marc Pusch describes ION, and its mandate.

Over to you, Marc….


Thanks Dan!

Let me begin by saying that Dan has had a much bigger role in the formation of ION that he’s letting on. For a number of years he and I have been talking about the need for relationship and dialog to take place cross-denominationally, cross-geographically, cross-traditionally and cross-generationally. Much of what is forming in this new community is the result of Dan modeling and encouraging this dialog and relationship-building.

ION, or Inside Out Network, is the result of years working within a church movement but not having a meaningful connection to the broader Church. For the last number of years I’ve been the General Manager of Vineyard Music Canada.

For years the Vineyard has both modeled and imparted something to the Church in the area of worship – both in its expression of worship but also regarding the heart of worship. Not only did we experience profound intimate times with God during the worship set, we also understood that worship was far more than singing a few songs – it was a lifestyle to be pursued. I’m grateful for all that I’ve been able to learn and grow in as a result of my Vineyard experience.

What we’ve come to realize in recent years is that there are many who share this same experience. They faithfully serve their spheres of influence and give away from the riches they have been given. Whether they are part of a particular movement, denomination, ministry or label, they carry the same heart and passion we carry.

As I began to dialog with the ones I knew: Dan Wilt, Brian Doerksen, Andy Park, David Ruis, Kathryn Scott, Brenton Brown, and Vicky Beeching, we realized we all shared a desire to connect at a deeper level. Most are already connected to record labels yet there is something far bigger pulling us together: relational bond and a sense that we must model a kingdom heart and perspective in the things we’re doing.

As I introduced them to the idea that we could model a community that gave freedom to continue in the label relationships they had and at the same time allowed us to do things together – they all jumped on board. And the best part is that these influential voices in the Church are not doing this just for themselves – they are wrestling with how to best leave a legacy for the coming generations.

So what is ION exactly? Well I guess the best way to describe it is that ION gets to shine a spotlight on what different ones in the ION community are doing.

We shine a spotlight on Dan as he pursues his new worship Institute. We shine a spotlight on Andy Park’s new CD by giving him a place to promote it. We will shine a spotlight on David Ruis’ new album due out later this year. At the same time – and equally important – we will shine a spotlight on those who are faithfully serving their local churches by developing meaningful resources and events to encourage and equip.

So that’s it. ION in a nutshell! We just launched our website and though it’s a bit sparse right now, in the coming weeks we’ll be adding tons of new material to it. Check it out and let us know what kinds of things would be helpful to you as we build it.

Thanks for listening!



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