Introducing: Janie Reynolds Illustration

My dear friend, fine artist Janie Reynolds (Whitelock), has just put up a new website featuring her work. Janie is an incredible talent, who was trained at the prestigious Royal College of Art and has since gone on to work for a wide range of well known clients such as Habitat, The National Trust, Good Housekeeping, Marks & Spencer – as well as illustrating a number of natural history books.

She is married to my other dear friend Chris Whitelock, who heads up Vineyard Records UK. They’ve been such a gift to me personally through the past number of years, along with their little guys Harry and Jack, and it’s my privilege to introduce you to some of Janie’s work. Janie is open to doing freelance illustration work these days, especially focused on nature and animals. Her portfolio is stunning.

Pay her a visit if you would, and leave a comment on her site.

Reynold’s Illustration.

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