Introducing: Joel Auge

Many years ago I linked hearts with a passionate artist and poetic thinker in Ontario named Joel Auge. He was a part of a network of faithful friends fighting to give voice to the glories of God in a postmodern world.

He married a beautiful woman named Michelle, and continued to write and make music as he worked creating web sites, doing design and serving as many people as possible. Now he’s signed with Integrity Music as one of their new artists, and I couldn’t think of a greater heart I would love to have mingling in the circles of the contemporary worship music industry.

If you don’t love what flows out of this man, from his authenticity to his artistic integrity, I’m REALLY sorry. He’ll have to capture certain artistic ideas, I’m sure, outside of his current label connection (just because that’s the way an industry works), but I have great confidence in who he is as an artist and where he will choose to go.

Enjoy a few of his tunes here: Joel Auge, On The Blue, at MySpace

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