Kids & TV Violence

Further to the “Videogame Widows” post below, this intesting article based on a non-faith based, Parents Television Council study. Interesting. My gorgeous wife sent it to me. She doesn’t often post, so this tips my hat her way.

For those that care, I think it all has to do with worship – a human being fully alive to God (Iranaeus of Lyons).


Some TV shows aimed at children are more violent than the primetime shows aimed at adults, a new study by the Los Angeles-based Parents Television Council has discovered.

But even more alarming than the amount of violence is its content. Many parents may not realize, said PTC president L. Brent Bozell in a news release, the “dark violence, sexual innuendo or offensive language” that has crept into some supposedly child-friendly shows.

“Popeye beat up Bluto and you cheered,” Bozell told the Associated Press. “Now the protagonists will be caught in dark, powerful, oftentimes scary scenarios where there is hard violence.” Examples, he said, are shows like Shaman King, Teen Titans or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which often feature intense fights with swords, guns and lasers.

The PTC analyzed 444 hours of children’s daytime programming last summer and counted 2,794 violent incidents — or 6.3 incidents per hour — not including cartoons like Road Runner. That is more than the PTC found in a 2002 study of adult-oriented primetime programming.

The group also noted that the dialogue in children’s shows has grown coarser, more mean-spirited and more prone to use sexual double-entendres.

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