Live To Tell

I’ve long contended that the categories of sacred and secular (from the Latin, saeculorum, which means “in the moment” – i.e. we get the word “seconds” from this word) exist primarily due to Platonic dualism lacing the modern Christian worldview, rather than being solid biblical categories.

Clean and unclean, holy and common, sacred and profane have some biblical merit, but cut-and-dry categories are simply easy ways of dismissing music, creative expression or ideology without having to use the messy process of discernment.

In this clip sent to me by a good friend, Madonna makes a statement about caring for the troubles within (family abuse, systemic abuse and gang environments), and for AIDS children in Africa.

And, artists sometimes prophesy back to themselves as to what is important. I include this clip here out of interest, and by no means endorse the whole body of work Madonna has done in her lifetime. I appreciate the physical poetry of this piece, and am grateful that she’s using her concerts to promote the ideas within this piece.

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