Moments In Time: A Morning Walk

I wrote this post exactly 2 years ago. I reposted it, because it reminds me of another time, and moves me again.

Rejoice in simple things today.


This morning, I took a one hour walk around our town, primarily for the sake of exercise.

As I glided along the muddy roadsides and cracking sidewalks, I

* Took in an mp3, one hour course on European history and its cultures, identities and hopes in the 19th-20th centuries,

* Walked across the rubble of a construction site of a new highway going around our town,

* Waved to 23 truck drivers, who all waved back,

* Shared morning greetings with three friends who happen to be mentally handicapped,

* Joked with the catholic priest who both cares for them, and serves with godly passion on our university board,

* Greeted the father of one of my middle daughter’s friends,

* Smiled at the town council member to whom my son delivers newspapers,

* Created a concept for a new series of songs related to the soul’s progress through a lifetime, and

* Came home to a house silent with late, summer vacation sleep.

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