Moments In Time: The Children On The Bus

It was a rainy morning, and I just dropped my two high school aged daughters and their two friends off at school.

As I drove back into town, there was the usual lineup of cars, all lingering in the standard ten minute waiting period that it takes to make one’s way back to the downtown.

I pulled up behind an elementary school bus, rain trickling on my windshield, and drops covering the windows of the bus before me. I could see the back of the last two seats in both rows of the bus, seemingly empty.

Then, a small girls head slowly rose over the seat on the left, followed by a small boys head rising on the right. Both were struggling to see through the water speckled windows, when their eyes simultaneously met mine.

It was a moment orchestrated from before time began.

After 10 minutes of waving, laughter, puppet shows, funny faces and mime theatre, the three of us went on our way to our places of work – all enriched for having spent this important time together.

As they turned their corner to the school, the children frantically waved, and I waved back.

It was a morning to remember.

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