Music In The Ice Cream Shop

This morning I played, just me and my acoustic, for our St. Stephen Art Market downtown. It was a rainy day, so traffic was low and friends spent considerable time chatting under tents. Renditions of Time After Time, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Sittin’ Waitin’ Wishin’, Save Your Scissors, and about 5 originals filled the time.

As the rain came down harder, we decided to pack up and head home, which is an 8 minute walk up the street. As my eldest daughter and I walked with my guitar and a fold-up chair, the rain began to pound down harder halfway through our homeward journey.

We ducked into the local ice cream shop, wet hair, guitar, clothes and all. The rain was coming down in sheets at that point, so we had a bit of ice cream and sat down. The shop owner just happens to be a local musician who plays for a few party bands in town, dating all the way back to the 80’s, and was setting up a little amplifier he had acquired for $10 at at a garage sale. Pulling out his keyboard, he was getting set up to test it.

I had a guitar. He had a keyboard. It wasn’t long before we were playing, recalling songs, and generally filling the ice cream shop with laughter and music. From Judy Garland to Bob Seeger to Anna Nalick, we covered musical territory, and my daughter, ever the photographer, took some shots I may post along the way.

Small towns have much to be appreciated this rainy afternoon.

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