My Top 5 Most Viewed Posts Of 2014

As a resourcer, I find it very helpful to know what posts seemed to “hit the mark” for us most in the past year. Some of my most ‘viewed’ posts (not always ‘read’ I’m sure) were a surprise to me – on topics such as Volume, Sound, Vocals, Gmail Hacks, and more.

Seeing the trends helps me serve us all better with helpful tools as 2015 comes, and gives me some insight into what is connecting as I write each week.

The Top 5 Most Viewed Posts of 2014

All view stats are just for 2014 – some of these posts have been around longer and their numbers are much higher (like the Gmail hack one). If you blog, I hope these give you some insights into what is serving those involved in worship today.

And the winners are, in order of unique views….

1. Is Is Too Loud? Worship Accompaniment vs. Worship Immersion Culture

16K unique views. This surprised me. I didn’t realize what a hot button the volume issue is in churches, nor the importance of having some language to help articulate the different approaches of different generations.

2. 10 Best Practices For Worship Sound Techs

This surprised me, but only a bit. Sound Techs are unsung heroes in local churches. They help the message – be it in the music or in spoken word – get to the people. Attitudes however, are character issues.

3. 10 Best Practices For Worship Vocalists  

Talking to many other worship leaders and musicians over the years, I wasn’t so surprised at this one. Vocalists + microphones + monitors + contemporary band sounds = rocket science.

4. My Gmail Account Was Hacked: The Fix Made Simple 

This came out of my horrible experience a few years ago trying to find aid when my Gmail account was hacked. Glad it’s helped so many, and this count of views was just this year.

5. The Nashville Number System Chart For Bands | PDF Download 

I was glad this served many of us. It’s a tool anyone can use, and it’s helping bands everywhere. Will keep looking to post tools like this. Watch your inbox for some fun new ones in January.

And The 3 Runners Up Are…

6. An Open Letter About World Vision Rants 

My wife says, “Dan, instead of just telling people what you think about the issues of the day, stick to what you’re good at – helping us learn how to think about issues.” I obeyed. This post came from that.

7. In-Ear Monitors (IEMs): 10 Best Practices For Worship Musicians 

This ditty came from my own great need as our worship ministry transitioned to IEMs with me at the helm. Soon I’ll post on my new 1964s, and the things we’ve learned so far in the transition.

8. An Open Letter To Jon Foreman And Switchfoot 

This post is one of my longest, and, honestly, one of my favorite posts. I would die for most of what is written in this post. The church must get some better footing than old Epicurean ways of approaching art and culture if we are to carry the Gospel well into the decades ahead.

Thanks for geeking out with me for a few minutes. As you’ll see below, I’d LOVE to hear from you what topics you’d love to see a post on in 2015. If you can take a minute and put at least one idea down, it would be great.

Bless you, and I look forward to a great year together here in 2015.


Question: Is there a topic or tool you’d love to see here in 2015? I’ll take your answer seriously (put it in the comments below if you would).

Resource: You’ve probably figured out that the most important tool I offer here (in my view) is the Essentials In Worship Video Course. It carries what I always needed as a worship leader, and I just want to make sure your church has this tool for use in 2015.

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