On My Wife’s Birthday

mar-14-15-091Today, my beautiful wife Anita turns 44.

I beat her to it, being born approximately one month before her.

Across states, we breathed our first breath, took one blurry glance at the busy, cold world, and wondered about the things babies wonder about.

Years later, we met, moved through the stages of love, and now share a life together with three stunning souls we call our children.

Every age, billions of children are born. Every civilization, every phase of time, every location that human beings live and sustain life, there are children.

She is one of the billions, trillions, of babies ever born in the human race.

What makes her special?

Her eyes, her thoughts, her spirit, her laughter, her goodness, and the children who reflect our love in their eyes.

Happy birthday Anita. You are truly are one in a trillion to me.

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