MySpace: Dan Wilt Music

I’ve just put up a simple MySpace music site. The tracks are extremely simple, and rough.

I.e. Just me and my little mp3 recorder. If you would do me the honor of hearing quirky pads, loops, subtle cellos, fretless, organs, etc., I’d be appreciative. (Think Death Cab, Coldplay, City and Color, Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap. Even a little somethin’ else.)

These songs are meant to be creational and poetic in spirit, rather than what most may know me for as a songwriter.

Again, very rough and simple. New tracks will replace these as I get time and money to record along the way. Again, apologies for quality.

Dan Wilt Music on MySpace
The Ocean
Five Of Spades
Emerald City
Black Crow
The Future

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