New Listening Devotional from Dunn & Wilt on iTunes

A Well Worn Path Volume One: Thirty One Daily Reflections
Dunn & Wilt

A Well Worn Path Volume 1 is a welcome re-boot on the audio devotional for the 21st century Church. A Well Worship Path, Vol. 1 is a collection of 31 daily “spiritual reflections” from artists Dunn & Wilt. With sounds reminiscent of Brian Eno, Sigur Ros and Bon Iver, Dunn & Wilt couples powerful, inspiring devotional moments with the atmospheric, celestial instrumental compositions of an indy keyboard/hammered dulcimer duo.

Read our suggestions on how to use A Well Worn Path devotionals. PDF – Click here.


  • 31 Daily Audio Reflections (high quality MP3s – voice and ambient instrumentals)
  • A Prayer Track – a soundtrack for daily, personal prayers
  • A Well Worn Path “How To” Guide PDF for using the daily devotional (free here)
  • (April release) eBook Version supplement with Spiritual Formation Questions


  • 2 Minute, Brief Audio Devotionals for the car, home, office or commute
  • Ambient Instrumental Prayer Track with Doxology & Anthem for Daily Worship
  • Trinitarian Closing Prayers (directed to the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit)
  • Fresh Theological Approaches (the New Creation, imago Dei)
  • Missional Ideas (incarnational living, mission, justice and creativity)
  • Inspiring, Narrative Retellings of Select Scriptures


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