Norm Strauss and the Canada West School Of Worship

We’re just finishing an excellent few days with friends Todd Rutkowski, Norm Strauss and the worship community here at the Kelowna Vineyard.

I was speaking in the Canada West School Of Worship (what a great group this year), which Norm leads, and spending some time with the worship community. It’s been a rich time, and we fly back tonight.

Norm and the artists here spend much of their time playing gigs in the city and investing themselves deeply into the artistic community of Kelowna. They embody many of the central ideas and reformations I talk about in The Worship Artisan piece. The language of cultural interface and creational theology marked much of our time.

Pray for them and their work, and our growing friendship. There is a wonderful synergy in what we do at the Institute, and what they do here.

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