Off To Atlanta: Fusion 08

I’m in Philadephia Airport on my way to Atlanta to participate in the Fusion 08 conference. I’m mainly joining in on the worship leadership track, entitled “The Centered Life,” which occurs before the Pastors conference.

It’s a privilege to join in with GreatSouls Mike O’Brien and the amazing Southeast Vineyard Worship Community as we look at spiritual formation and the ways of the creative leader. The topics I’ll be teaching on in main sessions are:

The Liminal Life: Every Moment Is A Threshold
(Dan Wilt)
The latin word, liminus, literally means “threshold.” The musical expression of worship is a liminal encounter – a threshold experience. What is it like to live an entire life that is aware of the threshold between the heavenly and earthly spheres of creation? Voices from the past and present call us to cultivate a soul that is continually and vividly present to what God is doing – aware of God, aware of others, aware of ourselves and aware of creation.

The Connected Life: Finding Our Center By Finding Our Edge (Dan Wilt)
Have you ever noticed that the more you find and live on the passionate edges of who God has made you to be, the more a quiet centering takes place within? In the midst of the obligations that come with the worship leading life, come discover the consecrations that keep sacred Fires burning within.

and a workshop on:

Ancient Acts Of Worship: The Sacraments Of Communion and Baptism (Dan Wilt)
The most enduring acts of worship in the history of the Christian Church are often misunderstood by today’s contemporary Church. Come behind the veil of the “meal that feeds the soul” and the “washing that unleashes the soul” – rediscover the symbolic actions of the Eucharist and baptism.

It’s also going to be a blast leading worship with these guys. I just got my hammered dulcimer outfitted with a mic setup, delay, etc., thanks to inspiration from good friend and hd mentor Garrett Viggers. Hauling it all along in my 4,562 lb. anvil case is a joy. I hear that wheels were invented recently. Looking forward to employing such new technology.

I’ll be there through Wednesday, and will try to blog along the way. I welcome your prayers for us all as you read this post, friends.

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