Old Waters; New Thirsts

A scientifically-inclined friend of mine informs me that there is no new water on the earth.

In other words, the water that dinosaurs drank, oceans sprayed and clouds released has been the same since the beginning of time.

Water created, water present, water used, water renewed, in an endless cycle of sharing the gift from earth to sky to earth to sky.

What is old must be treasured, but must also be renewed. Once renewed the old invests the new with a timeless strength, and a source of replenishment.

Time and natural effort can reclaim the old, filter it and present it in fresh ways to us.

We are refreshed by the old now renewed, and from us the old enters the cycle again — to be used by a new generation after it has been embraced, used, renewed and now… shared.

What old things do you know of that are going through a redemptive process?

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