Building Altars With Stone: On A Personal Retreat

I’m away for a day on a Personal Retreat – my goal is to continue to embrace an annual remembering, reflecting and reclaiming of personal mission and attention to God’s whispers in my life.

I’d appreciate if you’d pray for me over this time. Our approach to, The Essentials Course and our Masters work is part of the process I’m in this week, as well as in arenas of personal decisions, creativity and my family path. I would want to hear God speak to these worlds and more as my highest goal for this time away.

Thanks for the friendship.

Here’s the pattern for the day.

(Meals and walks will intersperse. I’m in a beautiful Maine arts town to kickstart me.)

Step 1: Pray, linger in the Scriptures, and then read and watch creative expressions that stimulate my thinking process.

Step 2: Approach my Personal Mission Statement before God once again.

Step 3: Rewrite that Mission Statement with fresh reflection and a view toward the future.

Step 4: Examine my present roles and responsibilities in light of that reflection.

Step 5: Prayerfully make decisions, with my wife, toward the future.

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