Perspectives: St. Stephen’s University

Click here for the .pdf 2005 SSU Summer Newsletter.

I’m opening this post for the sole purpose of providing a “space on the web” for some of the key leaders of St. Stephen’s University to offer a brief paragraph on why they feel that SSU provides a unique place for both personal and academic development in an ever-changing world scene.

I’ll begin the post, and then I’ll ask my peers and colleagues and fellow students to offer their perspectives on the unique environment that is SSU.

For me, St. Stephen’s University is the optimal blend of scholarship, community and ancient-future thinking all rolled up into one. The location of the school in a small town in a gorgeous part of Canada only enhances the mystique of the school.

In my estimation, it will only grow in its influence as it seeks to “develop leaders for the Church of today and tomorrow.”

I’ve watched seasoned Church movement leaders, artists and new students profoundly impacted by the atmosphere of SSU.

With strong emphases on spiritual formation, classical writings, cultural impact, ancient-future spirituality, personal development and academic excellence, SSU will continually become an epicenter for thinking that shapes the Church over the next few centuries.

Teaching primarily occurs in a “round table” format, optimizing student/professor interaction, and ultimately raising the bar on mentor-based learning environments

In an age where postmodern realities drive us toward real, substantial community, SSU stands out in the crowd of Christian universities.

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