Prayer For New Orleans & Area

We’re praying for our friends in the Southern United States. What devastation in New Orleans and beyond.

This will keep you updated.

I also encourage you to watch for something.

In the midst of disaster and suffering, the dark sides of humanity will come forward. Suffering doesn’t so much form character as it does expose the character that is already there.

Yet, something else comes forward in the face of suffering. The imago Dei (image of God) that men and women are created in tends to shine through.

People show love, kindness and courage when we as a human family are suffering significant loss together. The Image breaks through the surface, time and time again, in these times. A firefighter runs into a burning building. A stranger risks her life to save a stranger.

We can run but we can’t hide; our eyes betray us — we are made in the image of God. Watch and listen for it in the news.

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