PRESS RELEASE: The Institute Goes Online!

My blog friends and emerging worship conversationalists, I’m just thrilled, over the moon, tickled deep red about this. So many of you have asked, now, we’ve done it.

Cheers to the formation of the worship and creative community for the now of our generation, and toward the centuries ahead. Hope you can make it.


Dan Wilt, the Institute Of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, and St. Stephen’s University are pleased to announce the Summer launch of our new series of ONLINE short courses for worship leaders, creative influencers and pastors.

Announcing ESSENTIALS BLUE: Studies In Worship Theology And Biblical Worldview. Via iTunes U, FaceBook and other print and media technologies, the Institute is now innovatively equipping the 21st century worship community online.

Details on the course can be found at:

Here’s the info on Facebook.

Sign Up today for our inaugural Summer 2008 course in July! First 10 applicants receive a special launch gift – a copy of the new St. Stephen’s Book Prayer Book from our St. Stephen community.

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