Press Release: The Institute’s Essentials Online Courses with Dan Wilt

Press Release: The Institute Announces Innovative Online Short Courses For Artists And Worship Leaders

“When the voice of faithful artists engage with worship, engage with culture, and engage with the past, present and future – then the world is about to change.”

The Essentials Courses: 
Join the ancient-future vanguard.

From Dan Wilt, M.Min. and The Institute of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies at St. Stephen’s University, comes the 21st century Church’s most innovative trio of 5 week, online studies for artists and worship leaders – utilizing iTunes U, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and more. 6-8 hours per week, studying via books, media and more with Dan Wilt, M.Min, N.T. Wright, Robert Webber and others.

The Essentials Courses:

Your Courses:

Essentials Blue: Online Studies In Worship Theology And Biblical Worldview
(next course starts Sept. 15, 2008)

Essentials Blue explores expansive ideas in Christian worship related to the nature of God (Creator, King, Trinity and Savior), the nature of human beings (sub-creators, image-bearers, community-builders, and salvific storytellers) and the nature of biblical worship (ideas in resurrection, atonement, cross, new creation, heaven, mission, etc.).


Essentials Red: Online Studies In Worship History And Creative Vocation
(next course starts Nov. 3, 2008)

Essentials Red explores ideas in Christian worship history, specifically related to how Christians over the past 2000 years have used the languages of time (holidays, gatherings and services), space (architecture and environment), communal prayer, the public reading of Scripture, baptism, the eucharist, pastoral rites, art and music to further the acts of living worship and mission in the Church.   


Essentials Green: Online Studies In Worship Leadership And Spiritual Formation
(next course starts Spring 09)

Essentials Green explores essential values in worship leadership, and is specifically designed for those who lead worship in contemporary and emerging Church settings. The worship leader will reclaim the basic values that enable us to effectively lead others to a place of communion with God and His Story. Spiritual formation writings from important voices throughout history further the deepening devotional life of the creative leader.


From one Essentials Blue participant:

“Imagine a place where you are invited to ask big questions relating to how you think about God. Imagine being part of a diverse, creative learning community who were all on a similar pursuit. The Institute provided a beautiful, solid foundation of thought, adding in building blocks which God is using to re-construct some of my Biblical worldview. The whole process has personally been a surprising discovery, adding layer upon layer of fresh insight. This course has both illuminated old thinking and uncapped new thinking for me. It has given back ground that was lost, and also invited me towards new horizons.” (Di Hocking, Melbourne, Australia)


APPLY NOW, and join artists and worship leaders across the world in our next course.
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Next Course starts Sept. 15th!


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