Course Introduction

This Intro reading and video will lay the foundation for our week! Download the Course Guide below and read/watch.
Every Day you goal is to…
1) Read the Day’s section in Study Guide, then
2) Watch the brief reflection video, then
3) Reflect on the questions in the Guide, and journal.

A note from your instructor.

20-30 minutes per day

20-30 minutes a day should be enough to watch the video and read the material.

Follow the Study Guide

The PDF Study Guide can be downloaded above, and printed for readings and notes.

Journal your answers

Use your own journal, or use the Study Guide, to take notes you can refer to later.

Revisit the videos

The videos will always be accessible to you via your emails, so refreshers are yours.

Discuss with a friend

Learning is always reinforced when great conversations are part of the week. Ask a friend.

Go full screen

If you'd like to enlarge the video, just click the 4 arrows in the bottom right of the video.

Your Instructor