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I’m bringing up this review of because there has been significant buzz about it, and because at the time of its writing, Kim and I were not working together so closely. It was a privilege to write then – and it continues to be an even greater privilege to re-post now.

Finally someone did it. Let me start this way.

I don’t feel a need to be nice anymore about worship leader software or web tools. For years, I’ve been searching hard for a worship leader’s song/admin/organizing program that really, really worked for me – and for the thousands of worship leaders with whom I’ve connected around the world.

I just needed something to work, darn it. My peers did too.

Friends and developers have promised great software packages or online tools with which I could (on the road and at home) create songs, transpose keys, integrate mp3s (and change their keys for rehearsing), spit out PowerPoints or MediaShout, create my own songs, integrate my other worship leaders and musicians, build schedules, etc. – and do it all legally when it comes to copyright issues.

Many came close, but were missing things I needed, or had too many things I didn’t need, or were locked into publishing issues with music labels.

While valiant efforts have gone out all around, I finally found the tool that works for me. I’ve been using for a few years now, and developer and founder Kim Gentes and his team have absolutely nailed it.

Every worship leader I’ve spoken to who is using it for his/her worship organizing life is having the same response. If you need melody and lead sheets, this isn’t for you. But if chord charts drive your worship planning and music, and you need a tool that will do the job – is the workhorse.

It is simply the best tool I’ve found, and finally someone scratched my itch for a great tool, on the Internet, available on Saturday night before a set, or wherever I am in the world doing a conference or event.

I’ll leave the details for you to explore in the tutorial at the site.

Point is – it just works. That’s the way I like it, and that’s why I can recommend it to worship leaders and teams everywhere.

It will make short work of your worship leader workload, and it’s perfect for artists and songwriters as well.

Give it a spin if you’re looking for a solid tool –

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