In the face of the ongoing tragedies in New Orleans, Alabama, Mississippi, I find I am silent and in a deep, underlying mourning.

I love the whole Church. I’m so thankful to be in a Church community that considers this event, prays deeply with compassion, and seeks to love locally and in any way it can across the miles.

Yet it sickens me to hear quick reasons, teachings and prophetic pronouncements rumbling around the more evangelical/charismatic Church world. It literally sickens me.

We’re blind and lame to attempt such conjectures about things so far beyond us.

I’m not impacted deeply by every tragedy. Ones that involve children tend to more deeply affect me. This one affects me — the poor being the last to get out, the violence and soul sickness that the catastrophe has exposed in some of the victims, the personal horror stories families will now live with. And yet we see the image of God bursting through in people at every turn.

I lie awake at night seeing the one child, now weeping for her lost mommy.

A Word To The Church Community: If Job’s friends mourned with him for 7 days and 7 nights, maybe we should do the same, only multiplying our time of mourning times the number of people killed in the disaster — as we serve and give and love and help in strong silence.

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