Spiritual Friendship: A Module Begins

Our final SSU Master’s module begins.

It’s a two-week intensive, hanging with Blaise Pascal, Richard Baxter, C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther, Justo Gonzalez, Therese of Avila, George Herbert, Richard Baxter, John Wesley, Therese de Lisieux, Richard Foster, Roger Olson, John Calvin

Some opening, random thoughts:

“A friend is like having another self to talk to.”

Present ABC’s of church life that many measure by:

A – What is the attendance
B – How big is your building
C – How much cashflow is coming in

A New ABC, from Roger

A – Am I in attendance
B – Let me build my church
C – Are you willing to cash it all in

We sang the UK version of When I Survey The Wondrous Cross, and we had a sense that as we enter into this pivotal sacrifice, we become the communion, the Eucharist, to the world.

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